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1 What should I do if I would like to buy your product?

Thank you for your interest on our products. You could send us an email or contact our domestic sales team directly, which is shown at customer inquiry.

2 What is the difference between LLDPE and HDPE?

Based on density,  LLDPE has density range 0,900 – 0,940 g/cm3 ,, while HDPE 0,940 – 0,970 g/cm3

Based on crystallinity, LLDPE has lower degree of crystallinity than HDPE.

Based on thermal properties, LLDPE has melting point around 123 °C,  while HDPE around 134 °C

Based on mechanical properties, LLDPE softer than HDPE.

Based on optical properties, LLDPE has better clarity than HDPE.

3 How can I get your product specification?

Please refer to the application section for Technical Support under Product/Service on our website or you may send an email to

4 What quantity can I buy?

You can buy a minimum 20 MT. You may contact our main distributor PT Bukitmega Mas Abadi or PT Akino Indonesia Trading to buy our products in small quantity or our Sales team for more details.

5 What properties are stated on Certificate of Analysis (CoA)?

We state Melt index (MI) and Density in our CoA.

6 What is Melt Index?

The flow rate, in grams per 10 minutes or a molten polymer through a specified capillary die at some defined load and temperature.

7 What is Density?

Weight per volumetric unit material at 23 °C (g/cm3 or kg/m3).

8 How we can get optimum ESCR for some application?

Optimum ESCR can be reached with low MI and Density also bimodal MWD..

9 Where can I find Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Technical Data Sheet, Halal Certificate, etc?

You can download it on our products in product catalogue.